Thursday, December 12, 2019

IG's Report Dumps Trump's Deep State Conspiracy Into History's Trashheap

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Despite trying to shake IG Michael Horowitz's conclusion there was no political bias in opening the Russian investigation, GOP Senate Intelligence Committee members tried every trick in the book yesterday to get him to change his mind.

The bottom line was the report destroyed Trump's Deep State conspiracy, leaving Trump's minions scrambling around like cockroaches to further Trump's false narrative.

There were problems with the FISA process and Horowitz pointed them out, along with some recommendations. Chairman Lindsey Graham painted the IG's report in apocalyptic terms in his opening statement.

He warned of a massive conspiracy against Trump, but the report denied that. Graham and the gutless GOP members tried to put on a good show for their one-man audience, but it fell flat... muddied beyond recognition.

Trump will rate some individual performances highly, like Graham and Cruz's (with his cute little Beavis and Butthead comparison to FBI agents) spirited acts.

That doesn't mean Trump will stop claiming the Russian investigation was about going after him. Hell no!

He's already got his main puppet AG Barr (and his sleazy lawyer sidekick - Beavis and Butthead?) working on discrediting his own departments official findings... 

… while also trying to flesh out another bullshit conspiracy about the Ukraine interfering with 2016 elections, hiding a damning secret server, and attempting to dig up dirt against his main political opponent Joe Biden.

Trump's all out assault against this Republic should shock all Americans. He's unrestrained by any adults in the West Wing or the senate. He believes in complete power and won't stop until he gets it.

Impeaching him won't be enough to stop him. The senate has already signaled a quick kangaroo trial that will absolve Trump of all high crimes and misdemeanors.

More than likely, Trump will continue to abuse his powers right up until the next election. 

That leaves it up to the voters. 

If there's not a massive blue wave of voters in 2020, Americans will lose their freedoms, and find themselves living in an authoritarian state.

Time for me to walk on down the road....

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