Tuesday, December 10, 2019

A Constitutional Crisis Just Got Worse

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This. Is. It.

America is in a Constitutional crisis this winter. Trump's going to be impeached this week. The House announced two articles of Impeachment this morning.

His supporters haven't been able to contest the facts against him, but they've made a show of challenging the entire hearing by trying to discredit it with outright lies, and procedural complaints. 

On top of this historic moment, there was another blow to our system of checks and balances that was announced yesterday.

AG Barr and the US attorney he picked to lead a probe into the origins of the Russian investigation, don't like the results that the Justice Department Inspector General reported yesterday.

Barr was hoping to give his master Trump an early Christmas gift when the report came out verifying his conspiracy theories... but that didn't happen.

Simply put, the IG found that the FBI properly opened its investigation into Russian election interference. 

This was bad news for Barr. He wasn't able to bring the "deliverable" to Donny. He better hope the $30,000 "Appreciation Party" he's throwing for Trump at his foreign fund outlet in Washington DC, pleases him.

There's never been such a stunning display of outright corruption in American history. No president has ever tried to cripple Congress and it's oversight abilities like Trump has, and is currently doing.

Congress can't wait until the next election because Trump will attempt to rig it with the help of Russia (or China, or the Ukraine as he's already publicly stated) again. 

It's scary that Trump's case will be tried before a Senate majority who are afraid of him.

It's scary that he believes the senate will ignore facts and spare him from justice.

It's scary that the senate majority leader Moscow Mitch has already declared the trial will go nowhere before the first piece of evidence has been examined.

With toady Barr's resistance to reality in order to remain in Trump's favor, our system of government is showing cracks in the checks-and-balances that threaten to destroy our Republic.

America has survived other threats to the Constitution in the last 247 years. We must trust that we'll survive these trying times, and freedom will continue to ring in the United States of America.

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