Saturday, November 9, 2019

What Americans Need to Talk About This Veteran's Day

Good Day World!

As Veteran's Day looms around the corner, there's one issue all Americans should be talking about...

… taking care of our living veterans who are under assault from Trump's minions in the government.

Here's the most recent example of how our veterans are being treated. After reading this link you'll see how low the Trump administration has gone.

Trump's record with veterans is shaky at best. He's taken credit (falsely) for a program introduced by the Obama administration that allows veterans to seek private care in emergency cases.

It's unforgivable what Trump's done to our troops in Syria; abandoning our Kurdish ally to a cruel dictator in Turkey as a shocked world looked on. 

And, for what?

Oil, it seems, as Americans are still in Syria, but now they're guarding oil fields instead of what was once a secure border between Syria and Turkey.

Trump treats our active military members like mercenaries, bragging that Saudi Arabia is paying for the cost of 1,500 additional American troops to guard the kingdom.

As a veteran myself, (1970 Vietnam and Cambodia campaigns - photo above), I find it particularly galling to have a five-time draft dodger as commander-in-chief. It's almost sacrilegious.

If you want to honor veterans this year there's no better way than contacting your elected representative, and demanding the Trump administration cease and desist it's agenda dishonoring those who are serving, and have served their country.

Remember, your vote next year could send Trump and his cronies packing! (That is, if he doesn't get kicked out of office before then!)

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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