Monday, November 4, 2019

Colonization of Mars More Likely Than a United America

Elon Musk is Mar's bound with hopes of colonization.

                                      Good Day World!

I'm waiting for real estate ads selling land on Mars. 

Before you laugh at me, what about billionaire Elon Musk who claims he's on the verge (possibly this year according to Bloomberg) of missions to Mars?

He's serious.

When I think about the direction our democracy is going the thought of relocating to another planet doesn't sound too crazy. 

With Trump's unpredictability the world is on the edge of a nuclear Armageddon if he totally melts down.

And, Trump's getting closer to that possibility every day, with impeachment hovering over him like a hawk circling it's prey from above.

What troubles me more than anything, is the chances of uniting the country are slipping away in the polarization gripping the nation.

Will America ever heal post Trump? 

It's a question for the ages. Historians, if the human race is still around, will look back at the Trump regime as a seismic shift in disunity of every American community.

It was a short toxic reign that tore apart the country with lies and corruption on a scale never seen before seen in American history.

Musk suspects a dark age for earth is coming upon us rapidly, and colonization is the only way to save civilization. That pessimistic outlook is shared by many people.

Sadly, people living on Mars is more likely to happen than America returning to the core values that were once embedded in our Constitution; creating a Republic that was once a model for the modern world.

NASA also plans to colonize Mars by 2030.

If Trump is impeached, but not convicted by the senate, the 2020 election will be a political bloodbath fueled by millions of dollars and disinformation on every media source available.

Anything could happen.

If Trump is somehow re-elected, then going to Mars may not seem that outlandish, because there's no way American's could take four more years of his bullshit!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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