Thursday, November 7, 2019

Impeachment Poker: Trump's Ace-in-the-Hole

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Despite a mountain of evidence against him, Trump is confident it won't matter when the impeachment trial in the senate begins.

Like all card sharks, Don the Con has an ace-in-the-hole when it comes to counting votes in the senate. He's confident of being exonerated.


If these were normal times and any other president was confronted with proof of abuse of power, he'd step down. Like Nixon. But, because were in the era of Trump, the senate is a stacked deck.

The GOP senators/aka jurors, have already made their tiny mind's up. Trump's not guilty

Talk about a kangaroo court (a term Republicans have been throwing out during the impeachment inquiry in the House), the senate is poised to let a lawless president escape justice.

Trump is gambling on those senator's loyalty.

Next Wednesday the game is going be played out before all Americans, as the House moves forward with public impeachment hearings.

I expect to see the Republicans united in their defense of Trump during this stage of the proceedings. But when Trump is actually impeached, and it goes to the senate for trial...who knows?

There are no guaranteed winners in political poker, or any other game of chance. 

If those GOP senators see a seismic shift in the polls favoring impeachment (especially from their own constituents) Trump's ace-in-the-hole won't come through. He'll be unceremoniously kicked out of the Oval Office.

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