Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Analysis: Shaming a 'Career' Politician is Impossible

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Regardless of career, you can't shame a person who simply doesn't care what others think of them. 

Politicians and lawyers (they're often intertwined) are immune to their own hypocrisy, despite media evidence revealing it in detail.

Watch Lindsey Graham talking about impeachment back in the day, and now. It's a stunning turnaround by a career politician.
The difference between a career politician. and a plain old politician is simple; a career politician will do anything - regardless of laws and ethics - to stay in office. 

All politicians lie at one time or another. I don't care which party it is. That's a fact of life. When the biggest con man in the world pulled off his 2016 win (with Russian help), chaos descended upon the land.

We've come to the point where career politician and Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, lied on TV about senor advisor Michael McKinley trying to contact him three times with concerns.

Another career politician, AG William Barr, has managed to destroy the DOJ's credibility by being Trump's personal attack dog. 

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Watching career Politician, Rand Paul, at a Trump rally in Kentucky the other night, I was struck with the blatant call to expose the whistleblower in the Ukraine scandal.

Paul knows better than that. There's whistleblower laws protecting the informer for good reasons. That he would still stoop to please Trump by calling for a legitimate whistleblower to be unmasked, shows how little a man Paul is.

In summary, a career politician can not be shamed. They can be kicked out of office for crimes. They can be voted out of office, but you'll never make them feel bad by calling out their lies and corruption.

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