Sunday, November 17, 2019

Ukraine Scandal: The "Idiot Defense" is Trump's Best Chance of Staying in Office

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Lindsey Graham may have come up with the best possible defense for Trump in the batshit crazy Ukraine scandal.

He basically told reporters that the people involved in the Ukraine scandal were "inept," and "bungling idiots." 

His argument that no harm was done because everyone involved was too stupid to be a danger to the country, isn't exactly flattering to Trump, but there may be a kernel of a defense there.

The problem is getting a world class egomaniac like Trump to go along with it. 

He thinks he's always right, and is a "stable genius." The last thing he'd ever admit to was being stupid. The "Chosen One" doesn't roll that way.

The Republicans are grasping for straws to counter all the facts that have been exposed showing Trump's efforts to bribe a leader of another nation to get political dirt on his 2020 opponent.

There is no "war room" of Republicans defending Trump. He doesn't want one because only he knows how to deal with the impeachment process against him.

It's that ego that'll be Trump's downfall.

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