Sunday, June 23, 2019

Trump Doctrine: Start Fire, Watch It Burn, Try To Put Fire Out

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I heartily disagree with Trump critics that say he has no doctrine when it comes to foreign and domestic affairs.

The Trump Doctrine is very simple: start a fire, watch it burn, then put it out (if he can).

Trump who would have never been accepted by the Boy Scouts (that honesty thing was just too much) was the kind of kid who pulled the wings off butterflies and then wondered why they couldn't fly.

The fact that he never grew up (mentally) has proven to be a major challenge to the poor bastards that have to work with him in government. 

Two recent examples:

Iran. After pulling out of the international Nuclear Agreement just after he was elected, Trump started the fire. The resulting chaos has us teetering on the brink of war. This is one fire the orange anus is having trouble putting out.

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But, let's not stop here.

After threatening to go after "millions" of illegal immigrants in the mother of all ICE raids, he called the whole thing off...for two weeks.

He set the fire, now he's watching it spread and purposely keeping thousands of illegal immigrants fearful wondering when his storm troopers will come after them. At this time there is no attempt to solve the immigration problem - just punitive actions.

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