Thursday, June 27, 2019

Trump At The G20 Osaka Summit: What Could Go Wrong?

"I would rather suffer from coffee than be  senseless - Napoleon Bonaparte 

Good Day World!

Every time our liar-in-chief leaves the country to represent the American people, I cringe.

My guts tighten up with a combination of fear and loathing because I know he's going to embarrass the hell out of us again. (Please refer to every trip he's taken abroad since he slunk into office.)

The G20 Osaka Summit kicks off today and runs through Saturday. The two main themes are Global Economy and Trade and Investment

Before leaving Trump gave us a preview of what an ass he was going to be by attacking our closest allies:

Trump Complains About US Defense Pact With Japan, Blaming G20 Countries

Guess what? We're going to get to see the renewal of the bromance between Putin and his baby blimp Trump. I know. Exciting stuff. Just don't let your kids watch any of it.

The fun doesn't stop there. Oh, Hell no! Trump and Chinese Premier Xi are set for a little tete-a-tete where they're going to discuss their economies.

Will Trump and Xi come to a trade agreement and stop the tariff wars? Hint...don't bet on it. By now, we all know how great Donny is with his art of the deal fail in foreign relations.

Then we have to consider the possibility of Trump picking fights with other leaders for no good reason. Our big baby in the Oval Office has already indicated he was looking for trouble the day he left.

Sometime, I suspect he just needs a diaper change before sitting down with world leaders who are talking like adults.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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