Wednesday, June 26, 2019

New Three Stooges Episode Starring Trump, Pence, and Perdue

"Coffee first. Schemes later." - Leanna Renee Hiber 

                                       Good Day World!

In this new episode of the Three Stooges (starring Trump, Pence and Purdue) they demonstrate the depth of their ignorance about climate change.

Trump/Moe, is bragging about how he pulled out of the Paris Agreement, and how he's upping pollution in America by bringing back coal production.

Pence/Larry, is standing behind him and looks like a bobble head doll as he rapidly nods in agreement with his master.

Perdue/Curly Joe, respectively waits until Trump stops yammering and then gleefully tells them about his interview on CNN where he tossed out a smart-ass response to climate change questions he was fielding...

"It rained yesterday, it's a nice pretty day today," he tittered like a little girl.

This pithy retort laid bare his ignorance and defiance on climate change. 

He told CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich in an interview released Tuesday that "we don't know" the cause of climate change, adding "and obviously scientists-many scientists believe that it's human caused, other scientists believe it's not."

Trump cuts off Perdue, and asks Pence if he saw the interview he had with Piers Morgan?

Pence's head bobbled in the affirmative and he gave his creepy (I could be a pedophile) smile.

"You should have seen Pier's eyes when I told him it used to be called global warming, that wasn't working, then it was called climate change, and now actually it's called extreme weather."

Obvious devotion glittered in Perdue's piggy eyes, and Pence's face took on an angelic look as he listened to Trump.

Trump abruptly stopped ranting and turned to Pence.

"What's this I hear about my boy flipping off Jake Tapper?"

Pence, "It was nothing, I..."

Trump, "Don't play with me Mike. You know what my temper is like."

Pence, "Well Tapper asked me if we're having a climate emergency, and if I thought it a threat?"

Trump, "What did you say?"

Pence, "I think the answer is going to be based upon the science. Then he asked me the same question gain."

Trump, "Get to the point, I've got a round of golf planned."

Pence, "Well, he kept badgering me with facts so I fell back on what you taught me and said I thought we were making great progress reducing carbon emissions, and that America has the cleanest air and water in the world." 

Trump, "And...?"

Pence, it was actually kinda funny. His eyes rolled back and I think he had a mini-stroke!"

Trump, "Good boy Mikey! Now go change into your caddy outfit, I want to hit the links in 20 minutes."

Perdue, "What about me boss?"

Trump, "You can chase any balls that end up in the rough."

That concludes today's episode of the new Three Stooges. Let me know if you're down with future episodes.

Time for me to walk on down the street...

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