Saturday, June 22, 2019

Oregon Militia Members aka Domestic Terrorists Threaten Democratic Lawmakers

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When Oregon Republican lawmakers ran away from their duties last week it gave the crazed local militia groups an excuse to threaten lawmakers.

The state capitol was shut down on Friday after receiving threats from militia groups.

Authorities say they were planning to demonstrate on the capitol grounds in support of the 11 cowardly Republican senators who fled the state to dodge a vote on climate change.

State Senator president Peter Courtney, a Democrat, told his colleagues that Oregon State Police had informed him there was a credible threat to him, the rest of the remaining senators-all of whom are Democrats-and the building staff. 

"We have been monitoring information throughout the day
that indicates the safety of legislators, staff, and citizen visitors could be compromised if certain threatened behaviors were realized," Capt. Timothy Fox told reporters.

Oregon has it's share of anti-government activists who are ready to threaten anyone that doesn't believe in their twisted causes.

Three years ago a group of armed assholes occupied a federal wildlife preserve in Oregon. They ransacked a federal building and plowed over an Indian burial ground while building barriers.

Apparently the militia morons in the state have become emboldened by getting away with a lot of shit, and felt it was okay to step up their game and threaten lawmakers.

I've always contended that the biggest domestic threat we have is the heavily armed anti-government militias.

They get bolder every day. By threatening lawmakers and the rule of law, they have chosen to violate our rights with impunity.

To be clear, these domestic militia groups are the terrorists embedded in our society.

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