Monday, June 24, 2019

Another Rape Allegation Against Trump: Main Media Outlets Shrug It Off

"As long as there is coffee in the world, how bad can things be?" Cassandra Clare

Good Day World!

News rooms in America resemble the Situation Room in the White House these days.

They are so busy covering Trump's daily depredations there's just not enough time to cover past crimes. So when author E. Jean Carroll publicly alleged that Trump raped her the story got buried on page three.

The story broke on a Friday leaving the popular Sunday Morning shows enough time to pursue the allegations. But the Big 5; ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, and NBC ignored it.

Carroll joins over a dozen other woman who have publicly accused Trump of sexually assaulting, groping and forcibly kissing them since the 1980s.

Trump's response was par for the course - deny, deny, deny. "I don't even know who the woman is. I never met her," he claimed.

Carroll did appear on a NBC-owned network, MSNBC's Joy Reid Show. "In any other universe, in any other presidency, in any other news cycle, E. Jean Carroll's bombshell revelations against a sitting president of the United States would have been the lead story all week long," Reid observed.

That's how low this country has sunk since Trump stole the presidency with the help of his pals in Russia. 

Corruption is rampant, and the world no longer trusts us because of the unpredictable asshole in the Oval Office. The nation is struggling with a growing Constitutional crisis as Trump and minions assault the House of Representatives lawful functions.

In the chaos created by the orange ape, another rape hardly rates notice. Much like another new bonfire in hell.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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