Sunday, February 3, 2019

Super Bowl Sunday Features Super Liar on Face The Nation

Good Day World!

It's a big day for Donny.

After cowing all the owners in the NFL amid the "kneeling controversy" with the help of billionaire buddy and Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, he gets to appear in an interview today on Face The Nation.

It must feel like a victory to the orange anus.

The owners of the NFL have shunned all of his efforts to purchase a team over the years. That stinging rebuke must have battered his already fragile ego.

In Trump's tiny brain he will be the hero for the day. The actual football game will just be an aside from his triumphant moment where he'll spread lies like butter on bread for his minions. 

There's some question about how many viewers will watch his Bigly Interview. It's difficult to say how many people will tune him in because millions will be watching Super Bowl pregame activities.

I think it depends on how many football fans want to see someone drag politics into the middle of one of sports biggest shows.

Whatever Trump chooses to rant about there's one thing you can count on - there will be a swift rebuttal.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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