Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Poll Poll On The Internet: Whose the Greatest President Yet?

Good Day USA!

If, for some perverse reason, you listened to Trump's assault on democracy, aka the State of the Union address yesterday, one thing was very clear...

Trump's ego is soooo yuge that he thinks we believe in his alternative universe. 

When he described himself as the most successful president in US history during his first two years, the majority of viewers knew that was pure bullshit.

Americans are fully aware that Trump is a serial liar, as it's been documented here and here.

In reality, Americans are sick of Trump demeaning government agencies and Congress when they don't agree with him.

A new monthly job approval poll that began this month with Gallup, clearly shows Trump's current low approval ratings.

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Trump has a tortured relationship with polls. When they show he's doing something right he touts them in a victory lap on his twitter feed.

However, when the polls show Americans think he's an inept POTUS showing deep disapproval of his actions, he turns on them like a boomerang, and assaults their veracity like a honey badger.

Poll Poll on the internet, who is the greatest president of them all? 

Answer: It sure the hell isn't Trump!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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