Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Executive Time Pause As Trump Gives State of Disunion Talk

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As Trump stands on the elevated dais in the House today, it'll be a rare moment, because he's actually going through the motions that a president is supposed to.

Giving a State of the Union address has traditionally been a time when the president seeks to unite the country and talk about a glowing future for all Americans.

To be clear, Trump has spent roughly 60 percent of his working hours in so-called "executive time" in the last three months.

So, taking the 60-70 minutes to pretend to be a working president is important. 

Unlike traditional State of the Union speeches, Trump's version is more like a Game of Thrones episode where a king strikes out against his own subjects and consolidates his power.

His PR minions claim he's going to give a speech that will unify the country. The chances of that happening is somewhat akin to Republicans believing in global warming.

Trump has already made that clear by hinting he's going to call for a state of emergency if Congress doesn't give him his vanity wall.

The threat of shutting down the government again is still in Trump's arsenal, regardless of Republican senators warning that it wouldn't get their support.

When Trump talks to the nation he will be focusing on his base and claiming to be the best president the country has ever seen...despite massive evidence to the contrary.

He'll repeat all his lies about caravans of terrorists heading towards our unguarded southern border; completely ignoring the reality of the current walls and other methods of stopping illegal immigrants. He's going to stick with his false statistics and threatening scenarios.

In other words, Trump will lie his ass off and defy fact-checkers because his base doesn't read their rebuttals.

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