Saturday, February 2, 2019

Suspend Reality: Trump Still Banking On The Long Con

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Most con artists realize there is a time when the rubes are no longer buying their pitch and it's time to switch to a new one.

Not Trump. As the most successful con man in American history, he believes he can get away with anything. Even when he's standing on the edge of a cliff - think his recent shutdown - he doesn't back off.

To him, the shutdown was a great idea, even though he was forced to blink first by the Democrats and had to reopen the government.

According to Trump's own personal Guide To Grifting he's winning, although in reality he's losing potential voters with actions so stupid they make even hardcore Republicans nervous.

Take Trump's refusal to believe our intelligence experts in a report to the House. They all flat out refuted Trump's foreign policy decisions and described what the real situation is with our enemies.

Trump's secret to the con? Refute reality.

Bringing the heads of the maligned intelligence agency to his office, he brow beat them and told the press they were misquoted, and their words were taken out of context. Especially the one's that exposed his foreign policy as a complete sham. 

Trump has always believed in the long con. Just look at Trump University, a now disgraced online college scam that has produced numerous lawsuits and shuttering the operation. It's currently under investigation involving the whole Trump clan.

Once again Trump tried to tell the American people that what they heard, and saw, wasn't real.

It's not working.

Time for me to walk on down the road...



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