Saturday, January 26, 2019

I wonder what Trump thought as his pal was greeted with the chant, 'Lock him up!'

                                          Good Day World!

No one knows what really goes through the head of our liar in chief. 

Most of the time, I suspect he's living in an alternative universe, checking in now-and-then with reality...and not liking it one bit lately. 

When longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone was arrested by a swat team of FBI agents at his home, he got slapped in the face with reality.

After appearing in court Friday, Stone stopped to address a crowd of reporters and other people who were waiting for him on the court house steps in Ft. Lauderdale.

As he droned on about his "innocence" and "allegiance to Trump" the crowd was chanting, "Lock him up! Lock him up!"

The sight of his crony being taunted with a chant that he once led in rallies must have been a jarring experience to Trump as he sat in front of one of the numerous TVs scattered about in the White House.

I wonder if he remembers all the members of his campaign who also led the "lock her up!" chants and are now either in jail or no longer working for the government?

For context, we'll start with Roger Stone who gleefully led the "lock her up" chant. We all know where the the self-avowed political trickster ended up. See above. 

One of my favorite MAGA hat and "lock her up" chant leaders at rallies was former Army Gen. Michael Flynn who was appointed National Security Advisor by an appreciative Trump. He ended up being convicted of lying to FBI, and conspiring with a foreign power during the campaign.

How about Ryan Zinke? He sure led a spirited rally chant for the Donald. Of course he's no longer in the cabinet position of Secretary of the Interior that Trump gifted him with because of corruption charges.

Then there's Jeff Sessions. The Keeble elf look-alike put on a red MAGA hat during rallies and led the "lock her up" chants while smiling like a weasel who just caught a chicken. Yup! He's gone too. Trump fired him for not lying for him before Congress.

How about one-time White House advisor to Trump, Stephen Bannon? You remember him don't you?  Bannon held his own rallies where the crowd chanted "lock her up!" Trump fired him too, in another example of loyalty to those who follow him and later fall out of favor.

There were a lot of lesser luminaries who were happy to lead "lock her up" chants at Trump rallies then, and even now, for his hardcore supporter's benefit.

I can't help wondering if his signature chant (along with Build That Wall) is going to haunt Trump when he spends the rest of his life in jail, or an insane asylum.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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