Friday, January 25, 2019

Majority of Americans Realize It's Reality Against Donny

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Most Americans - nearly three-quarters - want Trump to compromise, but the ex-reality star has stubbornly refused to thus far.

A majority of Americans blame Trump for the shutdown. 

A new poll shows that our wannabee dictator's disapproval numbers are at an all-time.

So why hasn't Trump backed off from getting his big beautiful wall? First and foremost, it's about pleasing a hardcore base that he hopes will re-elect him in 2020.

His stubborn stance goes beyond the obvious first reason however.

Trump's livid that a powerful woman is successfully denying his bullying tactics and turning the tables on him every time he comes up with a new plan to get around her, and the rule of law.

Simply put, Trump found a woman who wouldn't let him grab her by the pussy. So, he's understandably shocked that House Speaker Pelosi has slapped down his pathetic political maneuvers at the height of his imagined power.

Trump has been caught lying publicly so many times the only people who believe him are his cult-like followers. His grip on reality has always been an iffy thing - subject to his revolving interpretations of the truth. 

After two years of Trump's administration it's obvious he's further divided this nation with his hateful rhetoric and lies. His MAGA hats have become a symbol of hate right alongside the Nazi swastika and the KKK's white hoods.

Despite Trump's assertion that everything we see is fake, from the news and videos sharing reality, to what we see with our own eyes, Americans are realizing it's just a matter of time for Trump's corrupt regime.

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