Sunday, January 27, 2019

Poetic Analysis: The Times We Live In

                                        Good Day World!

I'm taking a departure from my usual prose format today to share a poem I wrote for my fiction blog because it reflects the times we live in.

I'm Waiting

"You know I’m waiting for Armageddon to come and go
because we’re heading there

Climatologists warn there’ll be nowhere to go
and we won’t be able to breath the air

I’m waiting for America to experience an awakening
in civility 
A season of reasoning
that’ll restore our nations stability
I’m waiting for a new era of hope
when all races come together in peace
and nationalities learn to cope
and all of the hostilities cease
I’m waiting for a new day
behind my computer
looking for a positive pathway
a self-appointed troubleshooter
I’m waiting to ride into the sunset
to see a stairway to heaven
to learn the mysteries of the internet
and to spiritual progression
And, I’ll keep waiting…"
Time for me to walk on down the road...

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