Monday, January 21, 2019

Resistance Against Trump: The Patriotic Backlash

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If there's one word that stands out in the Trump era it's "Resistance.

The day after the orange-hued con man was sworn in as the new POTUS, there was a massive show of resistance from millions of women who marched through the streets of America to let the "pussy grabber" president know they were prepared to resist his immorality and constant stream of lies.

Which brings us to the current government shutdown that Trump proudly takes credit for. Or, at least he did at first. It's been a revolving list of accusations and explanations since.

I took a look at this current impasse between Trump and the Democrats and turned to science to see if there was a way around the resistance against making this deal that would re-open our government.

I came across an interesting article by blogger Matt Banna titled "The Science Behind the Resistance to Change" (go here for webinar and article).

Quoting Banna:

"To move forward and accomplish ideal change, you need to address issues and find out what works, but you also need to make sure that it is a workable change. 
Without a workable change, people will not accept it. They need to believe that the change will be more successful than what they’re currently doing, or else they will reject this change.
If they don’t believe the change will be successful for them, then why shouldn’t they resist?
Resistance is the judgment made by the brain that the proposal for change makes less sense than what they’re currently doing. This judgment is only partly based on reason, but it can also be based on missing data."
Some good points were made. But, we also know all the rules have been thrown out by Trump and the puppets who slavishly follow him.
Trump's toxic tactic of taking hundreds of thousands of federal workers hostage, and making them pawns in his political pissing game goes on for much longer, something has to give.
And it probably won't be a compromise with Trump that'll end this insanity. No. Unless, of course, a miracle occurs. (Please don't hold your breath waiting)
GOP senators will have to grow temporary spines and show that the Senate is an equal part of our government (it can use veto proof majority to resist Trump), and not just a bunch of handmaidens for a president who thinks laws don't apply to him.
That might be the miracle I referred to.
If that doesn't happen, then Putin's investment in Trump was worth it...he's successfully destroyed our current form of democracy and installed a dictatorship.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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