Thursday, January 24, 2019

Trump's Art of Hostage-Taking Isn't Working So Well...Yet

Good Day World!

Our desperate Liar in Charge has entered a dangerous new phase in negotiating. 

It's called taking hostages, and waiting until the other side capitulates.

With a shitload of corruption accusations cornering Trump he decided the best way to divert the public's attention was to put 800,000 federal workers out of work in the name of his vanity wall. 

It was nothing more than a pathetic nod to his hard-core followers.

Speaking of hostage-taking, Trump's ex-lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, suddenly backed out of a voluntary hearing before a House committee on Feb. 7th, because he (and his lawyer) said President Trump and his stooge Rudy were threatening his family if he talked!

In essence, taking them hostage to keep Cohen from telling the truth about Trump's illegal activities. Apparently, he's inspired by the fact no one has stopped him from taking federal workers hostage...yet.

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Someday, I can see Trump hiring a ghost-writer to do his presidential biography - The Art of Hostage Taking."  

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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