Monday, July 9, 2018

Restocking the Swamp: Even Trump's Minions Don't Last Long

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Enough credit hasn't been given to Trump for his ability to keep his swamp viable in Washington DC, despite the constant turnover.

That takes a special talent. One that has been honed over a lifetime of embracing cheaters, known mafia figures, Russian oligarchs, racists, white supremacists, corrupt billionaires, and misogynists.

It was a masterstroke of politics on Trump's part to embrace the worst of America, claiming them as his loyal base. In a sad recognition of reality today in Trump's America, we must concede there are millions who follow him like cult members. All ready to embrace the Fake Fox News lies that Trump spews.  

Instead of draining the swamp in Washington like he told his gullible supporters in 2016, he created a nearly self-sustaining quagmire that allows for departures and the constant stocking of new corrupt individuals.

It's amazing how he flipped the swamp thing around and got his slavish followers to believe the inhabitants of his private swamp are patriots - one, and all.

Now you see it, now you don't. What else can you expect from a con man with no conscience, or morals?

What's sickening is Trump's base is infecting our society; dividing two-thirds of Americans against Trump, against that other third which continues to crawl out from beneath rocks and assault our societal norms, and the laws of the land with impunity.

Scott Pruitt, the EPA head that Trump loved for turning back safety laws and industry clean air standards, was finally driven out of his job by a dozen ongoing ethic scandals that couldn't be ignored any longer. They were too blatant.

Trump reluctantly bid Pruitt ado, and Pruitt wrote a lovely resignation letter praising Trump as the Second Coming. His ouster however did not save the EPA from further ravishment. 

There's always another rock to turn over, and a new slime ball to replace outgoing ones. Andrew Wheeler, Trump's pick to replace Pruitt the puke, was waiting in a dark place for his opportunity to continue Pruitt's destruction of the agency. 

When Trump's finally ran out of office (one way, or another), he'll be able to use his experience in the Oval Office to get into a new profession: Wildlife manager for the nation's largest swamp.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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