Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Open Corruption: Trump Family Can Get Away With Anything

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Blatant corruption has long been a hallmark of Trump's before his current reign in Washington DC.

Donald Trump set the standard back in the early eighties when he cavorted with billionaire pedophiles and members of the Mafia out in the open. He was the darling of tabloids for his cruel treatment of multiple wives, and his habit of openly cheating on them.

Since assuming office, Trump has collected an impressive array of ethics violations, but suffered no consequences for them. Because of that, family members like Ivanka and Jared have been able to flout laws and rules with impunity.

Let's take a quick look at the most recent example of open corruption as demonstrated by Ivanka's products in China, where she is free from tariffs that both countries have levied. 

As smelly as that arrangement is, Trump continues to bleat about buying American. Those words he claims to love; "Made in the USA (see recent cult/campaign rally in NC)."

How does Trump's base account for this open ethics breech? Either they're not aware of it, or (more likely) they just don't care.

Where is the outrage in Congress?

I'll tell you where the GOP jellyfish that continue to enable Trump's corruption are...hiding in their office closets, shaking with unbridled fear of The Donald.

I really wonder what it'll take for those gutless Republicans to rebel against his corruption and lies? 

Frankly, I expect those same cowards to reject the findings of Mueller's investigation on Trump's campaign and his complicity in obstructing justice.

Time for me to walk on down the road...


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