Saturday, July 14, 2018

As The Liar Turns: Episode 566, Trump's Visit to UK Doesn't Disappoint

Good Day World!

Bravo! Trump's visit to merry old England has been everything we expected thus far.

A complete embarrassment.

Twitter counts the ways Trump 'Insulted' Queen Elizabeth

He no sooner got off the plane when his attack against Prime Minister May commenced. I'm sure his followers loved every divisive moment as he praised right-wing asshole Boris Johnson (who recently resigned from the parliament), and claimed he'd make a great prime minister (!)

He didn't stop there however. Donny was just warming up. He also gave a thinly-disguised warning to May that Britain's trade relationship with the U.S. could face turbulence if May goes through with what's known as the so-called "soft" Brexit blueprint.

When a British Tabloid "The Sun," printed the results of the interview from his first minutes in country, Trump twisted around like the lying snake he is and dared to call the article Fake News! 

Despite the fact there's audio of him making those comments, he still had the gall to hold a press conference the next morning, with May at his side, and claim he didn't say...what we know he did.

May, who is under considerable pressure right now, played along hoping Trump's reversal would continue until he left. Hoping she wouldn't be forced into revealing just how much he's bullying her.

Meanwhile, it's her job to escort Trump around the country and to try and tamp down Trump's rudeness. The 45-minute visit to Windsor castle to meet the Queen went off (if we're to believe the reports) well enough. Donny didn't insult the Queen to everyone's relief.

Needless to say, this whole hate-filled tour is fulfilling his core base's desire to see him sow global discord. They love that he's on the top of his game - lying, and then doubling down on the lie...and getting away with it because of the government's interest in keeping the peace between our nations.

Trump minions are eagerly looking forward to his visit with Putin. He told them he has a gift for the Russian dictator. You can imagine the excitement that news stirred up in his base, who believe Putin is really our friend because Donny admires him so.

I expect Episode 567 to generate a lot of excitement when Putin and Donny have a meeting between just the two of them. Trump's puppets will be pulling for Putin to give him some kind of reward. After all, Donny has one for his beloved Vlad.

Stay tuned.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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