Sunday, July 8, 2018

Trump's Foreign Policy is Clear: Demean Allies, Praise Dictators

Good Day World!

Donny sets out on new adventures this coming week with a strict itinerary; belittle NATO allies and praise Putin. 

A trip to Great Britain is also on the radar. The population is eagerly awaiting his visit so they can show him what they think about his foreign and local policies.

A blimp of Baby Trump will be proudly exhibited over London, and will sit above the parliament building for Trump's visit. Working with English authorities, Trump's minions have mapped out safe spots where he's unlikely to be confronted by common British citizens.

The long-planned protests make a sharp contrast to his reception by the Saudi government which treated him like a traveling emperor. Mutual business interests between the Trump family and the new King paved the way for that spectacle.

Members of NATO know that Trump is going to bad mouth them Wednesday when they meet in Brussels. After last month's controversial G-7 Summit, foreign affairs experts in the US are concerned about what's going to happen next when Trump confronts world leaders again. He didn't sign off on the last meeting, refusing to sign any agreements.

There's high expectations from inside Trump's circle, and his deplorable base, that he'll enact another reality TV moment and fire all the world's leaders.

Finally, Trump's favorite part of his upcoming hate tour is when he and Putin get to snuggle alone in Helsinki. What comes from that fateful coupling could change the balance of power in Europe. 

Despite Russia's efforts to undermine the 2016 election, and their current attacks in the social media, Trump believes his bro Putin is telling him the truth that the Russians didn't conduct cyberattacks against America while they continue to threaten our upcoming midterm elections.

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