Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Donny's Great Adventure 2.0: NATO Nastiness, Baby Blimps, and a Gift For Putin

Good Day World!

When we last saw our Liar-In-Chief during his first Great Adventure at the G-7 Summit, and with dictator Kim, Trump made a mockery of America.

He blew up the G-7 Summit and threatened everyone with tariffs, then went to Singapore to rendezvous with North Korean leader Kim, which turned out to be a grip-and-grin reality moment...but nothing else.

Trump agreed to stop defense exercises with South Korea and in return the US got...nothing substantial. We still haven't gotten the bodies of American soldiers from the North - despite sporadic reports of progress and Trump's lie that they are already being released.

Just to emphasis what a failure that supposedly historic meeting was just look at the current situation with Kim. His people are accusing Americans of being robbers and gangsters! Reports that they are enhancing their main nuke facility have been coming in for two weeks, after analyzing numerous satellite photos.

There's no reason to believe Donny's latest Great Adventure is 
going to be any more productive that 1.0 was. In fact, it may be even more disastrous. 

Today, on the first leg of the journey,Trump is already attacking Germany and other world leaders in Brussels. He started the first meeting off with a combative attitude. Very much like the last G-7 debacle. His pre-meeting tweets have already warned world leaders that Donny was going to have another temper tantrum. He did. 

When he's done pissing off all of our allies, he goes on to merry England, where Trump will be greeted by an enraged population and a baby Trump blimp over London. 

The Britishers really hate our racist president, and have been planning receptions for him for months.

Pre-arranged stops that the British government has arranged, in hopes of cutting the number of protesters down, will still likely see some acts of protest despite the harder to get to locations.

Although the Queen is going to see Trump, it won't be in the traditional Buckingham Palace like other world leaders have enjoyed. The low-energy meeting is happening at Blenheim Palace, far away from London. The equivalent of meeting in a back alley.

After that warm greeting from the British people, Trump goes on to his favorite part of the Great Adventure where he gets to meet with his favorite dictator, Putin, in Helsinki, Finland. 

He coyly told the press that he has a "gift" for Putin. I hate to even speculate on that one.

Seeing Putin will be the easiest part of the trip, Trump told reporters yesterday. "Who knew?" he sarcastically told the press.

Just the world, Donny...that's who!

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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