Sunday, November 4, 2018

Rigged: The Voter Suppression Handbook: GOP Strategy Years in the Making

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Since the day President Obama was elected, Republicans promised to thwart every move he made. 

The unhinged losers put together a vile strategy designed to disenfranchise the nation's minority voters (who normally vote for Democrats).

The unholy alliance of radical right-wing Republicans vowed to suppress people who voted Democrat. Ten years later and we're looking at the results of this racist handbook that's led to Republicans gerrymandering districts and shutting down polling places in minority districts across the country.

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To understand how we got to this place there's a great documentary I highly recommend watching: 

Rigged: The Voter Suppression Handbook

After watching this documentary you'll understand how the GOP takeover happened.

The good news is despite these built-in advantages they illegally gained, the Republicans find themselves in extremely tight races in traditional Red States these midterms.

Analysts say the Democrats are very likely to take the House back because of record early turnouts in voter registration, and early voting.

The senate however is another matter. The GOP senate candidates are in the most heavily gerrymandered districts and unlikely to lose their seats...even with a record Democratic turnout. Despite that, the races will be a lot more competitive than they have in the last decade.

It bears keeping in mind that the Republican party decided to do this before Trump waddled into the picture. He just turned out to be a new weapon (unhindered by truth and a blatant racist) in their arsenal of suppression.

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