Monday, November 5, 2018

Take a Deep Breath and Don't Forget To Vote Tomorrow

Good Day World!

If you've never tried cannabis-infused coffee, this morning might be a good time to try some.

It's pretty hard to relax with everything that's at stake tomorrow. Basically, we'll either have a safeguard against Trump's attempts to destroy our government, or we won't.

It all depends on who wins the House. If the Democrats take it back then Trump's assaults against minorities and the rule of law will be challenged. 
Not to mention that investigations will be launched into Trump's treason (Russia inquiry) and corruption (emoluments and Trump Foundation).

Just thinking about the consequences if the Republicans manage to hold onto the House is enough for me to blaze a bowl of good weed...excuse me for a moment....

Okay. I'm back. 

Where were we? Oh yeah! Somehow, someway, you need to figure out a way to relax today. Set your anxieties aside through whatever floats your boat.

Pretend there is no Trump. Pretend you don't have heartburn right now because of Trump. Immerse yourself with good vibes and friends and don't talk about politics.

Yes, I know the country's future is at stake, and we're heading towards fascism with the orange anus in charge trying to defile our Constitution (claiming he can toss the 14th Amendment aside with a stroke of his pen). 

Yes, there's a lot of hate and racism running rampant right now, driven by a crazed lunatic in the Oval Office. But that doesn't mean we can't get through this and hope for better days ahead.

They say time heals all wounds...let's hope we get on the right road tomorrow when we vote for a better future.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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