Saturday, November 10, 2018

Here's What A Constitutional Crisis Looks Like

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Since Trump slithered into the Oval Office, political pundits have been talking about the possibility of a Constitutional crisis happening.

Well folks, it's here.

Trump has fired the opening salvo by dumping AG Jeff Sessions unceremoniously (he was too chicken shit to do it himself and let John Kelly do the dirty work) and putting a crony in his place to sabotage the Mueller investigation.

The response across America was immediate: 

"Protect Mueller" Protesters Across U.S. Decry President's Dismissal of Sessions 

"No One is Above The Law:" Thousands March in NYC To Protest Trump's New Acting Attorney General

Rockford Protests in Nationwide "No One is Above The Law"

Trump, who believes he is above the law, like any dictator worth his salt, has doubled down on his assaults against the free press.

In a clear attack against the First Amendment Trump has banned White House reporter Jim Acosta when he didn't like his line of questioning about "the caravan" in a fiery 90 minute scrum with the press a few days ago.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed Acosta "grabbed at an intern" who was trying to take a mic from him. She then went on to share a doctored video from right wing InfoWars purportedly showing Acosta chopping down on the intern's arm.

Digital experts were quick to point out that the video was tampered with. The universal condemnation across the nation was just another sign that Trump, an avowed nationalist, and his ilk are doing their best to seize power and destroy our democracy.

Trump set the table for our current Constitutional crisis by warning House Democrats that he will disable Congress if they investigate him for his numerous offenses against the American people.

Make no mistake, we are currently in a constitutionally perilous moment in American history.

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