Friday, November 9, 2018

Miniority Overcoming Majority in American Politics

Good Day World!

You can throw away that trope about majority rule in America.

Democracy is taking a beating at the hands of a minority led by Trump and his cult following. 

Ever since he slunk into office, despite his opponent having three million more votes, he's systematically gamed the system.

"The rise of minority rule in America is now unmistakable," according to Laurence Tribe, a constitutional law professor at Harvard.

The midterms are another stark example of the minority holding on to the Senate. Democrats cast more than 12 million votes more than Republicans in the senatorial elections, yet they still suffered losses in the senate.

How did this happen?

The answer is simple: because each state gets two senators, regardless of the size of their population, Republicans center in own states with small rural populations. So despite millions of more Democratic senate votes in California, a tiny state like Wyoming can offset it with a fraction of the population and voters.

Couple that with heavy Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression (see Georgia) and you have the secret to the Republicans success on keeping a majority in the Senate in 2018.

With a democratic process it's hard to understand how a minority can take charge of the country. I've cited a few reasons, and there's undoubtedly more. 

If you look at the polls throughout Trump's regime, you discover about one-third of this country is his base. That leaves the other two-thirds of Americans twisting in the winds as he assaults our Constitution, divides the country, and attacks the free press daily.

Our minority-backed liar in chief is getting bolder everyday. The day after the midterms he sacked Sessions and temporarily put a cult-follower in his place to check the Mueller investigation on him and his corrupt campaign staff. 

Trump followed that up with threats of causing a war in Congress if the newly Democratic House investigates him for anything. He also made it clear to the press that he doesn't give a damn if a congressional war shuts the government down.

If Trump sounds like a mob boss that's because he really thinks he is. The mob that follows him with dumb adoration consists of a minority of Americans that have lost sight of what freedom means, and are comfortable with an authoritarian regime.

Taking back the House was the first step in checking Trump and his minions. 

The real fight begins today. Is the Republican-held Senate going to play Trump's defender against the House?

He's acting like a cornered animal since the Democrats took the House back. Anyone who saw his 90-minute temper tantrum/press conference two days ago could see that.

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My message to the majority of Americans is to take heart, organize, and make sure to turn out to vote in 2020.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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