Saturday, November 3, 2018

A Last Minute Victory For Georgia Voters and The Big Lie Continues

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This election season voter suppression award goes to the state of Georgia. 

Secretary of State Brian Kemp has done everything possible to rig the election by suppressing voter's rights, but at the last minute a judge ruled against him.

Voting rights groups have been monitoring Kemp's efforts and sued him in district court. Yesterday the judge, Eleanor Ross, said the state's identical match system was illegal.

The judge then ordered Kemp to establish additional procedures to guarantee that voters flagged by the state as potential noncitizens can vote in the 2018 election if they can prove their citizenship.

Kemp had 53,000 potential voters sitting on his desk and refused to release them until the court forced him to.

Georgia's nasty gubernatorial race between Kemp (yes, surprise! He's also the Republican candidate) and Democrat Stacy Abrams, has centered around his efforts to suppress the black vote. About 70  percent of the voters are black.

With Trump leading the way, these midterms have turned into a horror show of spectacular proportions. The Republican party has elected to go long with Trump's divisive rhetoric and lies.

In desperation, Trump has brought out the Big Lie about immigrants from South America. The same hateful lie he campaigned on. Hispanics are murdering rapists trying to invade our country.

In a really deplorable stunt, our liar in chief has ordered 15,000 active duty troops to stop the "invasion." That's more troops than we have in Afghanistan.

His blatant lies about crazed MS-13 members and middle eastern terrorists controlling the group have been exposed...but he keeps repeating them...rally after rally.

Three more days. Are you ready to vote?

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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