Saturday, September 22, 2018

Captain Obivious Says, 'There's a Crazy Man in the Oval Office'

Good Day World!

I'm not sure how quickly Americans, and the rest of the world, caught on to Trump's crazy con after he slunk into office.

At first we saw a petulant grade schooler putting his billionaire buddies into high places and denying that Obama's inauguration was bigger than his. 

It didn't take long for the man child to feel comfortable enough to reject advise from the (so-called) experts he appointed. He was telling an average of seven-lies-a-day in his first year of office (according to fact-checking websites).

He's already doubled that average in the last six months. Setting aside the chaos he creates daily with mean and mindless tweets, Trump has let his conspiracy theories bloom like deadly nightshade in the West Wing.

In the last 30 days we've learned that there's a secret cabal in the government and White House, watching Trump and keeping him from doing really bad things like pushing the wrong buttons.

Speculation on who wrote the tell-all story about how crazy Trump is, and can be, had everyone from Pence to Pompeo pledging it wasn't them.

Then we find out - by another anonymous inside source to the White House - deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein suggested Trump be tape recorded, and invoked the 25th Amendment last year to remove him.

Of course Rosenstein is saying the remarks were "inaccurate" and "factually incorrect."  

Another anonymous source (NY Times has cultivated a garden of dissenters in the government) said Rosenstein was being sarcastic and made the suggestion in jest.

The Washington Post, NBC, and the Voice of America also cited insider sources saying it was a sarcastic comment.

There's one thing you can bet on...Trump is going to hit the roof and there's going to be hell...toupee! Sorry. I couldn't resist that. I'm concerned that the latest book on Trump, by Bob Woodward (Fear), opened up even more cracks in Donny's fragile ego.

By now, a year and a half into Trump's America, everyone knows the guy's a crazy egotist. Foreign leaders picked up on that quickly. Especially Putin. Trump is his poodle and he loves it when Vladimir says he's smart.

As for Trump's infamous base...their just as crazy, or they don't care if he's a loon as long as he pushes the right agenda buttons on race, guns, and religion.

As a weary nation watches, there's a crazy man in the Oval Office, and the world knows it.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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