Friday, September 21, 2018

Essay on the Fall: Changing Colors and Politics

                                            Good Day World!

It's a chilly morning in Medford, and as I nurse my first cup of coffee of the day, I can see the leaves on the trees outside changing colors.

My thoughts turn to red and blue states patiently awaiting the midterms...and change. 

If a leaf has an undivided blade, it's classified as a simple leaf. It's color defines what kind of tree it is. In politics there are simple leaves defining parties; Democrat, Independent, and Republican.

However, if a leaf has a divided blade-one that forms a collection of leaflets-it is considered a compound leaf. In the same way, politics become more complex when radicals infest the system.

As the weather becomes cooler it's a perfect time to go for a walk. Living in Medford, Oregon (The City of Trees), it's a daily adventure watching the leaves transform into a riot of color that deepens with every day.

The Fall brings the midterms, and changes in our political landscape as states turn from red-to-blue, and vice versa. New laws. New faces. In some cases a new direction for the country.

Hope for positive change, rides the wind, as the leaves cling to the trees. Not yet ready to let go, the leaves in a short burst of glorious colors, know they have to give way to winter, leaving the trees bare some day.

But that time is still far away. Politicians are braving the changing winds in our society to gather votes right now, like leaves from political trees with undecided voters clinging to them. 

Fall is a time of change. For better, or worse.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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