Thursday, September 20, 2018

Future of the Supreme Court Rests With a Fair Hearing

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Have you wondered why Senate Republicans are in such a big ass hurry to confirm Brett Kavanuagh? 

Beside the obvious boost the party will get from stacking the Supreme Court with conservatives prior to the midterms, they have concerns that Kavanaugh's dubious history will be exposed by a woman he tried to rape when she was only 15 years-old.

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, "Gas bag" Grassley was forced to deal with her accusation due to bipartisan outcry, but he's trying his best to make sure she doesn't get a fair hearing.

By setting a hearing for the accusation on Monday, he intended to bypass the just way to handle the situation.  

According to Roll Call, Grassley indicated that the session won't take place without the accuser present because the nominee would not know the full scope of allegations made against him.

Any decision to cancel the session, Grassley said, Will be made at the "last" possible minute.

At this point Grassley seems to be backing off from his purposed force play. I'm sure frantic negotiations are going on behind closed doors, as Republicans face the fact that in this Me Too atmosphere they could lose a lot of votes in the midterms if they treat Professor Ford unfairly. 

Grassley has already pointed out that the senate can't ask the FBI to investigate Ford's allegations. The ball is in Trump's court as to an FBI investigation. It's highly unlikely that he'll play ball unless he politically forced to.

What we know: 

* The scheduled session to hear Kavanaugh and his accuser has yet to be determined.

* There's a growing groundswell of support for Ford to tell her story in a senate session.

* Highschool Classmate Remembers 'incident' with Kavanaugh and Ford - Says She's Overwhelmed by Media Requests

* The Latest Attack on Ford Backfired

* Lawyer Explains Why Ford Wants An Investigation

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