Saturday, August 18, 2018

Trump Plays Political Dodge Ball To Divert Critics

Good Day World!

Here's Captain Bone Spurs (aka Trump's) rules of engagement for his version of dodge ball.

Rule one: dodge, divert, distract when under fire from critics for corrupt behavior.

Rule two: lie with impunity and call the press the enemy of the people.

Rule three: attack his critics at every opportunity by throwing raw meat to his extreme base. 


1) Taking away ex-CIA Director Brenna's security clearance for criticizing him. Trump also has a hit list of 9 other former Obama employees that he plans of stripping security clearances because they too have been publicly criticizing him, and he blames them all for starting the Russian/Trump Campaign investigation.

2) Trump's mouthpiece, Sarah Sanders got caught lying about black support for the president when she cited some pie-in-the-sky statistics based on faulty information. Trump claims that blacks really like him despite the fact that every credible poll in the nation disputes that.

3) Trump and his Interior Secretary puppet, Ryan Zinke, claim wildfires are caused by environmentalists and there's no such thing as global warming. 

Oh yeah, Donny's still saying California's wildfire problem is because of rivers running out to the sea, so there's not enough water to fight fires. Sad and stupid.

This whole presidential thing is a game to Trump. It's about personally winning and tearing down and disgracing government agencies and the intelligence community if they're not in lock-step with his desires.

One last thought:

Trump had to cancel his military parade because the cost was outlandish, $92 million. So who does he blame? Washington DC for not making his dream parade less expensive. Those real world facts keep biting Trump's fat ass.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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