Thursday, August 16, 2018

A United Press Strikes Back: Will It Hurt Trump, or Help Him?

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Today, in case you haven't heard or read, over 350 newspaper editorial boards across America are united on one central theme; opposing Trump's constant press-bashing.

As a former newspaper editor, and publisher, I have mixed feelings about what this day will accomplish. It will certainly show that America's mainstream press will not be pushed around by Trump's attacks. But aren't they already doing that?

It will also demonstrate something else, an entirely different message to Trump's base. It'll be proof, in their small brains, that there is a "Fake News" and that the press is corrupt, and that's why Trump gets so harshly critiqued by the Fourth Estate.

It will be a compelling agreement for Trump supporters, and Trump himself will probably feel vindicated for attacking the press from his first day in office.

Consider this, Trump supporters don't read or watch mainstream articles. They're too busy watching Fox News and reading Breitbart's daily conspiracies online.

That fact alone makes me wonder if this is just all about "singing to the choir?" Two-thirds of Americans think he's a moron, and degrading the office of the president. When they read or listen to today's backlash against our deeply unpopular president, it will only ensure the validity of their feelings.

No minds are going to be changed. No Trump supporters are going to miraculously "see the light" after reading or listening to the potpourri of resistance being offered today.

While I support the journalistic community, I have to question if this is the way to start changing hearts or minds. When most of America's press suddenly starts playing the same tune, I get nervous. 

Maybe it's because I'm an independent thinker, and having everyone write about the same subject on a certain day seems like a homework assignment to me.

I believe that every newspaper should have independent editorial boards. When I see over 200 newspapers rally around one subject, it seems to me they're all ignoring their own diverse readers on the county and state level they publish in.

I'm not particularly worried about galvanizing Trump's base. They're already on board the crazy train. I'm more concerned about our independent free press coordinating their messages to the people. It smacks of something un- American, and is a road I hope my colleagues don't take again.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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