Friday, August 17, 2018

Profile of a Trump 'Mini-Me' Reflects Where the GOP is Today

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Those Republicans that have chosen to become Trump-Mini Me's for the midterms are a snapshot of where the party is under our Liar-In-Chief.

Here's a brief profile of one of the leading mini-me's, Bobby Wilson:

1) He's running for the Arizona State Senate and hoping his adulation for Trump gets him more votes.

2) He was initially charged, at the age of 18, with homicide after confessing to murdering his own mother and sister, then setting the house on fire.

3) His lawyer, after the murders were exposed, convinced the court Wilson had amnesia and didn't know what he was saying when he confessed.

4) On the campaign trail he brags about killing his mother in self-defense, after claiming his memory returned years later, and she was going to kill him with a semi-automatic weapon. 

According to his story his 49-year-old mother was standing over him one night with a locked and loaded rifle and shot at him six times before he dived under the bed, retrieved his single-shot rifle and shot her between the eyes... from underneath the bed(?) 

Then his sister rushed him and he used his rifle to bash her head in. A fire was started by a stray bullet hitting a gas can inside the house and he managed to get outside before being overwhelmed by smoke inhalation.  

Note: Anyone who believes that story is probably a QAnon follower.

5) The local newspaper account at the time reported the charred bodies of his mother and sister were found lying together in bed 'in a perfectly relaxed' position, indicating they died in their sleep.

6) During his campaign he often talks about the murder and claims it's an example of "a good guy killing a bad guy."

7) Wilson is not his real name. According to court records his last name is listed as Wiste. The family was living under an assumed name.

8) After dodging authorities for years with his amnesia story, he came up with his own version of what happened when he suddenly got his memory back. After the courts gave up on his seven-year-old investigation, he went on to write a book that made him look like hero for killing his mother and sister.

9) There's still local investigators that believe he murdered his family and got away with it.

10) The murders were never solved thanks to the court's acceptance of his amnesia ploy, suspending the proceedings for nearly a decade, before the case was thrown out.

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