Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How A Defense Bill Payed for Trump's Parade and Backdoor Deal With China

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With the help of the spineless GOP members in congress, a $716 billion defense policy bill was recently passed and signed into law yesterday by Trump... who got some goodies for himself rolled into the package.

For starters, he got his parade funded in the bill. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Of course, no one knows exactly what it's going to cost - estimates have gone north of $30 million - but he finally got the funding to appease his enormous ego.

That a parade would fall under funding for a defense bill displays the depths Trump will go - and get away with when no one has the guts to stand up to him. 

Every since he went to France last year and watched a parade there, he's been openly envious of such a display of power. So how did he finally get his way?

Easy, he intimidated the cowards in congress and forced them to put the funding for his ego-drenched display of military might into a bill that would get bi-partisan support. It worked. The Democrats didn't want to be seen opposing a defense bill. Especially one that came with a pay raise.

But Trump's duplicity didn't end there.

He also got those same GOP ostriches to bury their heads and ignore a national security risk by taking sanctions off of a Chinese telecom company, ZTE. The very same company our national intelligence agencies have been warning against for spying on Americans with their devices.

That's why the sanctions were put there in the first place. Yet, Trump has turned the tables against our intelligence community and forged through with this addition to the funding bill.

We all know what Trump thinks about America's intelligence agencies. He makes it perfectly clear in his hateful and inaccurate tweets. 

So, we have a funding bill - by the way Trump wouldn't say the name of the bill - The John McCain Defense Funding Bill - that allows Trump to indulge in a meaningless parade and make back-door deals with one of our international rivals, China.

To top off his dog and pony show at Ft. Drum, N.Y., he attacked the media covering the event. He winked and tried to play the men and women sitting in their uniforms. 

Yes, he got a polite applause. After all that was their commander-in-chief, and they would have clapped if he brought a trained duck on the stage to perform tricks.

It wasn't his usual rally crowd. It was a group of professional soldiers, so there were no cries for building walls or locking up Hillary Clinton.

Instead, the audience sat there respectfully and watched their commander-in-chief spew rhetoric and radiate insincerity, as he treated the whole event like it was a reality show.

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