Monday, June 25, 2018

Whose Winning and Whose Losing in America Today?

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Just to be perfectly clear on a Monday morning; we are all aware that the country is as divided as a chess game. 

In stead of black-and-white pieces we have The Right and The Left.

Somewhere in between, are the victims of this polarization. Most recently, the immigration situation separating parents from children. It was the result of partisan politics...with a caveat:

King Trump even ignored the Republican Party's pleas not to institute the inhuman policy against immigrants in April. Since then, he's backtracked a little (signing an executive order stopping the separations after lying to the public and saying he could do nothing about the crisis he caused), but I don't trust him any more than a rabid skunk. 

In the space of 520 days Trump has managed to take over the spineless Republican Party, converting it into the darker side of The Right - The Alt-Right. 

I think it's obvious whose winning (at least in their minds) in terms of destroying everything America stands for - The Alt-Right.

It's also no secret whose losing during the Trump regime; the American people. Just about every ethic violation in the book slides by without recourse for Trump, or his minions in government.  

The Trump regime has constantly challenged the Constitution of the United States, but the courts have been able to hold him back for the most part. At the rate he's appointing judges who must swear fealty to him, that safeguard could disappear in the not too distant future.

American's are losing their prestige abroad, as the industrialized nations realize Trump is running the country like a Banana Republic.

At this point, if the Democrats don't retake The House in the midterms, there'll be a lot more losing for the majority of Americans - and more wins for Trump and his supporters.

Vote in November if you don't want to continue to be a loser.

Time for me to walk on down the line... 

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