Saturday, June 30, 2018

As The Liar Turns: Latest Episode - North Korea Chumps Trump

Good Day World!

Here's an easy question while you're drinking your coffee this morning:

What results have come from the Trump-Kim Summit on June 12th?

I know. That's easy...nothing. Nada. Not a damn thing.

At a recent rally in Minnesota, Trump bragged, "We got our great fallen heroes, their remains, in fact today already 200 have been sent back."

That was an outright lie.

Here's what happened. The U.S. military moved 100 wooden coffins to the border between North and South Korea in preparation of receiving the remains. 

None have been forthcoming. 

The Senate Appropriations Committed asked Trump's Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last Wednesday what was going on? Pompeo grudgingly admitted that "We have not yet physically received them." He went on a little spiel of how it would happen, and how he felt it was coming soon. In other words, bullshit.

Remember that it was the night before that Trump claimed soldiers remains were already here in the U.S. The Senate Appropriations Committee however proved Trump was lying...again.

Talk about bullshit, his claims about a supposed diplomatic breakthrough with Kim stink to high heaven.

Guess what? North Korea has been quietly upgrading a major nuclear research facility according to satellite images from June 21st. That's just two weeks after Donny announced to the world of his diplomatic breakthrough with Pyongyang over it's nuclear weapons program.

Furthermore, a research paper published by a North Korea monitoring group also stated there was increased activity with their - North Korea's - nuclear weapons program.

The Trump Administration is trying to low key what's happening and still believes the North Koreans will come around and cooperate. That's starting to look unlikely.

Trump walked away from the summit claiming victory before the battle even began. Now that's in the early stages a pattern is already evolving...string Trump along until he's no longer useful. History supports this premise. The North Koreans are as big as liars as Trump is.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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