Sunday, June 24, 2018

On Tariffs: The Only Way To Stop Trump is to Get Personal

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Trump's claim of winning with his tariffs on China, Europe, Mexico, and Canada, are bullshit...and everyone knows it!

The backlash from Trump's isolationist policy has already started. Select American products are being hit with increased tariffs. 

I think that the approach these countries need to use should be more targeting Trump's international businesses. It would be easy enough to do.

Right now these economic measures are hurting millions of Americans, but not Trump personally. So he really doesn't give a rat's ass who suffers from his stupid decisions. It's all about throwing meat to his hard-core base.

The only way to stop Trump is to target his businesses. Like most dictators he can easily weather broad sanctions against the economy. But hit Trump in the pocketbook and you'll see him squeal like a pig. 

In understanding Trump, you have to realize everything's about him. He does what's good for him, not the U.S. economy. His tax scam bill is a perfect example. The Trump family made millions off that con.

If nations targeted Trump's personal businesses, millions of Americans wouldn't have to suffer needlessly for his hubris. And he wouldn't be able to rally the country against the combined tariffs against us. Instead, he'd be the one who suffers the effects of his own moronic moves.

Trump and his family are conducting the biggest grift ever leveled against the Americans public. They've committed so many ethic violations a book could be written on them.

If you want to stop Trump, make it personal. It's the only way to really get his attention.

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