Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Appointing Gorsuch Pays Off For Trump: SCOTUS Makes Shameful Decision

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The thing that concerns me most about what Trump has done thus far in his chaotic presidency, is his appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Without Gorsuch's help, SCOTUS probably would not have given a green light to banning a religion - Islam. That's what it is. Trump's much howled for ban against Muslims has become a grim reality in America today. 

It's not going to end here. The right has taken over the Supreme Court with the addition of Gorsuch, and we can expect more partisan laws to cripple democracy, and reduce it to the cesspool levels currently in the White House.

That means even if Trump is impeached and put in prison, his evil legacy will carry on. 

When the Supremes decided to go against the Constitution (you know, that part about not discriminating against religions in the First Amendment) and sided with Trump, it was a turning point in our justice system. Compassion was shit-canned like yesterday's garbage.

From here on out, justice is no longer blind and serving all equally. The blindfold has been torn off, exposing racist decisions that subvert democracy.

In Trump's world, that's a win. For our Republic, it's a loss.   

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