Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cabinet Woes: Confirming Partisan Puppets in the Trump Era

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There's one thing the Trump regime has been consistent about...stocking the cabinet, and government agencies with unqualified partisan puppets.

Take Mike Pompeo.

He'd make any puppeteer proud. Master puppet-maker Trump, appreciates anyone willing to let themselves walk around with their head up his fat ass.

One of the other things Trump looks for in his appointments, beside sworn lifetime fealty, is their lack of qualifications for the job.

Back to Pompeo.

He's currently facing confirmation hearings and was in committee at the time I wrote this. From all reports, he's about as popular as a bee in a nudist colony!

He may become the first cabinet-level nominee to not get a good recommendation, since 1945 when Henry Wallace got an unfavorable committee recommendation, but was still later confirmed by the senate.

A lot of people are unhappy with past comments made by Pompeo where he attacked all Muslims, and the LGBT community. His hawkish views are also a concern to many lawmakers.

Still, if I had to bet on it, Pompeo will squeeze through the process with the help of other Trump puppets.

Coming up soon. Two more Trump puppets for cabinet positions:

Ronny (Trump only weighs 239 pounds) Jackson is set to go next. After never supervising a staff larger than 70 people, he's going to take on the job of heading up the Veterans Administration, with over 36,000 employees.

Then it's Gina (waterboard their asses) Haspel. Trump is moving her up to the head of the CIA, taking Pompeo's place. 

One of the things that will be brought up in her confirmation hearing will be her key role in the "extraordinary rendition program," where suspected terrorists were abducted and handed over to foreign governments for torture in secret "black site" prisons by CIA officers and contractors.

However, her chances, with the help of other Trump puppets, also appears to be good enough to get the job.

Some people will point to the fact that she will become the first female CIA director, like that exonerates her entire corrupt past.

Based upon Trump's short turbulent reign, these positions are far from permanent.

One wrong word, or doubt about loyalty (something Trump feels a lot like a mob boss about), and these new cabinet members will become history.

In Trump's world, loyalty only goes one way.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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