Saturday, November 25, 2017

Trump Has Misused Presidential Powers to Pursue Protesters Against Him

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The day Trump was inaugurated into office marks the beginning of a crackdown on public protests and freedom of speech.

That day, police trapped and arrested more than 230 people. Some were anti-Trump demonstrators; some were not. The next day, federal prosecutors charged them all with “felony rioting”, a nonexistent crime in Washington DC.

More than 200 Americans are facing 60 years in jail for daring to demonstrate the day Trump officially took over our government.  

Government prosecutors obtained warrants focused on the anti-Trump organizers.

One sought a list of all visitors to a website that organizers used to promote Inauguration Day protests.

A second sought information on all Facebook friends and related communications of two organizers, the host of a coalition Facebook page, and those who simply “liked” that page.

In other words, the Trump administration is conducting a purge against Trump dissenters. Not only are the charges unprecedented, they appear to be made up out of thin air.

 I could site a dozen examples of protesters causing more damage than the inauguration protesters, and not one of them resulted in locking people up for 60 years. 

This is exactly the type of action new policies and statutes enacted in DC were meant to avoid, following a 2002 mass arrest that caused the District to pay over $10 million in settlements.

As we celebrate the holidays these protesters are fighting for their freedom in courts that fear Trump.

Don't forget them.

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