Friday, October 27, 2017

Trump Waging War Against Middle Class Americans

Good Day World!

Just because Donny Little-Hands says his tax plan will be good for middle class Americans, don't believe it.

Just look at his record these last nine months.

He's lied about every aspect of the tax bill just like he did with Obamacare. He thinks his rhetoric is working.

This may come as a surprise to Stump, but the majority of Americans don't trust him. They know he lies. His track record reveals he's a racist (think Muslim ban and the Wall).

His so-called accomplishments have been nothing more than a steady vendetta against President Obama.

The most recent attack is a bill that keeps consumers from suing corporations with class-action suits.

The Republican-led Senate narrowly voted Tuesday to repeal a banking rule that would let consumers band together to sue their banks or credit card companies to resolve financial disputes.

Trump puppet, Mike Pence, cast the final vote to break a 50-50 tie. That's the second time he's been the tie-breaker for legislation that hurts middle class Americans.

Trump tweeted that there would be "NO change" to American’s 401 (k) benefits in tax reform, but a top House negotiator on taxes said Wednesday that tweaks to retirement savings may still be on the table.

Once again, a slap at middle class America.
After nine months in office, the middle class, and poor, have been attacked in every way possible. Rules and regulations that make our country safe are being jettisoned overboard.

From Health and Human Services, to the EPA, there has been a purge of Obama era directors. Their replacements are loyal Trump minions ready to please their master.

The majority of us be damned!

There's a reason why Wall Street is getting the softball treatment from the Trump Administration. We're facing a deadly triad of billionaires, bankers, and corporations.

When I hear people talk about how well the stock market is doing as proof of Chump's genius, I want to vomit. In the first place, more than half of Americans don't even have anything to do with Wall Street.

The market gains have meant nothing to middle class America. By now, anyone capable of independent thought, can see everything Trump's done so far has benefitted the wealthy.

I defy any Trump minions to show a piece of passed legislation where the majority of Americans actually benefit. Not going to happen.

That should be your first clue. What he's done, not what he tells people on twitter, clearly shows attacks against middle class America.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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