Sunday, January 24, 2016

We Live in Fertile Times: Create You Own Cult

Good Day World!

There's never been a better time to start you own cult.

The dumbing down of America is complete.

(Illustration - Google images via The Atlantic)  

We have a bigger cross section of dumb people to select from now than ever before (318.9 million). 

Perfect example; look at Donald Trump's followers. I know it's not pretty, but if you look at the demographics the picture is clear: under-educated and older White Americans who are feeling disenfranchised. 

Trump's slogan. "Making American Great Again" appeals to a paranoid and angry group who want to turn the clock back to the so-called good old days in the 1950's and 1960s.

How about ISIS (or Daesh as they hate to be called?) It's one cult that borders between religion and political agendas.

There are others that fit the foreign and domestic terrorist category.
The armed, and militant, right-wing loonybirds at an Oregon bird sanctuary are holding taxpayer land hostage to further their own personal aims under the guise of helping others.

Religious cults are more common in this country. Some say Mormons are on the cusp of being a religious cult. The armed occupiers of the Oregon bird sanctuary building (BLM property) are led by a group of Mormons (the Bundys), which does play into that narrative. 

A political cult's primary interest is in furthering a certain ideology, mostly advocating a far-left or far right agenda. 
A good book on this subject is:
"On The Edge: Political Cults Right and Left," by Dennis Tourish and Tim Wohlforth

I see the signs everywhere. We live in a fertile time for paranoids of all ilks. Thanks to the Internet, cults can flourish like never before. It's no longer a real challenge to brainwash most of the public today.

Too many are waiting for the next messiah. Be it a president of the United States leading us to world domination, or the next mindless megalomaniac claiming to be Jesus, the country waits...and watches.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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