Friday, January 29, 2016

Recognizing The Power of Breasts

Good Day World!

Men love women's breasts.

I know that's a broad (no pun intended) statement, but I'm standing by it.

A tour through history books highlights how breasts were featured in the arts and literature of all the great civilizations.
Boobs are worshipped on a daily basis in the mainstream media and social media today.


Perhaps one of the most unique way of protesting inequalities in society today is flashing one's breasts in public to make a point (again, no pun intended).

Two quick examples:

* Topless women greeted Iran's leader Rohani when he came to Paris (1/28) to negotiate trading with the government.

What I really found amusing about exposing Rohani's pure eyes to those naked breasts, is that the French really went out of their way to keep him from seeing them by covering up works of art - statues, paintings., - in museums and on the streets.

Rohani finds boobs that offensive. What do you want to bet his mother didn't breast feed him?

* Last fall there was a topless protest in Canada. Women were demanding the right to bare their breasts in public (Warning *Explicit). 

Most men, like myself, think breasts are beautiful. Here are 8 awesome and interesting things to know about boobs.

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