Thursday, January 28, 2016

Takeaway from Trump's Tantrum: Real World vs Reality TV - Things Get Messy

                                  Good Day World!

If it were an episode of The Apprentice Donald Trump could fire Megyn Kelly and gain total control of the Republican debate on Fox News tonight.

But it's not. This is the real world and Trump is either going to have to answer serious questions at some point in his campaign or he's going to lose the presidential game.

Trump's refusal to appear in the debate is reminiscent of a angry, spoiled little rich boy not getting his way and taking his ball and going home.

He's afraid of Megyn Kelly and what she may ask him. Imagine that. The man who says he can deal with Putin doesn't want to be put on the spot by a conservative news reporter.  

That's because Trump fears substance. It scares the hell out of him. Pin him down on how he's going to build the "Great Wall Between the US and Mexico" and he'll tell you the Mexican government will pay for it.

How realistic is that response? It's something he could have gotten away with in an episode of The Apprentice, but not in the real world.

Meanwhile Ted Cruz, Trump's closest tormentor, used the hashtag #DuckingDonald to make fun of Trump for ducking out of the debate and tweeted a mocked-up picture of Trump's head on Donald Duck's body sitting on a pile of money.

There's at least one Republican presidential candidate who suspects it's all theater and Trump will show up at the last moment.

Jeb Bush claims to have put a $20 bet on Trump making a dramatic (what else for an entertainer?) appearance at the debate at the 11th hour.

Perhaps he will. Trump is a narcissistic showman who doesn't like being left out of any limelight. Eleven million (predicted) viewers is a big audience.

However, I'll put my money on Trump following through with his own controlled "charity" event and thumbing his nose at FOX and the real world!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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