Friday, August 14, 2015

Bad Intentions: Caught Before Anyone is Harmed

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The bad guys don’t always get to carry out their bad intentions.

Sometimes they are thwarted by chance, good police work, or alert citizens.

For example:

A New York cop pulled a vehicle over the other day for a traffic violation, and was surprised to find a loaded Bible during a search brought about because of the scent of marijuana. (Source)

Loaded Bible? Well, actually it was container that looked like a leather-bound King James Bible. But instead of the word of God, it contained a loaded Glock 17, 10 bullets and a magazine.

In my book, that means the owner had bad intentions. The police felt the same way and arrested him on a weapons charge.

The next case is about a Cincinnati man accused of bringing a loaded gun to campus during officer's visitation day.

Kamaron Lyshe had a gun concealed under his shirt and told officers three different stories about why he was there.

At his sentencing the Judge concluded he brought the gun with bad intentions. “It could only be one thing” the Judge said regarding the reason Lyshe had the gun.

In some cases bad intentions are avoided by the sheer stupidity of the person committing a crime.

Authorities say a New Jersey man planning a burglary inadvertently dialed 911, allowing dispatchers to listen in on his conversation. Somerset County prosecutors say Branchburg police received the errant call on July 27, but were unsure of the caller's location.

They learned that the phone number had recently been assigned to 42-year-old Scott Esser, of Elizabeth who was promptly arrested.

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Editor’s Note: I’ll be gone Aug. 15th & 16th. Back on Monday the 17th.


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