Monday, August 10, 2015

Bullying Others Doesn’t Lend Credibility to “Black Lives Matter” Activists

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African-Americans have a good reason to be upset with policing practices that marginalize them.

(Photo -Mara Willaford, Black Lives Matter activist, disrupts Social Security Works Coalition's celebration of entitlement services, where Bernie Sanders was scheduled to speak. ALEX GARLAND)

But that shouldn’t mean acting like rude asses to get their message out to the public.

Black activists have a forum in the mainstream media and social media. They can apply for permits to march and protest their plight in any state, or city.

Some protestors – in particular “Black Lives Matter” activists – however, are going too far with their methods of getting their message out.

For example:  

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had to leave a campaign event in Seattle without giving his speech Saturday after "black lives matter" activists took over the podium.

Two black women walked up and literally pushed the presidential candidate aside, shredding any pretense of being civil.

They approached the podium just as Sanders began addressing the crowd of several thousand, and demanded the microphone. Sanders stepped aside, and one woman got into an argument with an organizer, shouting "We are angry!"

After she got the microphone, the crowd booed. They didn’t come to hear a protest, they came to listen to a man who was running for president and to see what he stands for.

It was the second time in a month that “black lives” activists protested racial inequality by interrupting an event. On July 18, "black lives matter" demonstrators entered a Netroots Nation forum and took over that program.

But these activists felt that their message was the only one that mattered. By rudely taking over a public forum they overstepped the bounds of decency. Sander’s should have been able to speak without being intimidated.

It’s called Free Speech. 

If “black lives matter” activists want to get their message out to a receptive audience they need to respect others, and to stop bullying people who are only exercising their First Amendment rights.

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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